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COMIC CITY is a Hobbyists' Magazine Exhibition hosted by Akaboo. Coterie magazines covering all fields (published by a group of amateur creators for themselves) will be on sale.
Akaboo is magazine exhibition organizing company, and we have hosted COMIC CITY since 1988.
Under the theme of "Create Books. Sell Books. Buy Books", COMIC CITY maintains a supply of coterie magazines which does not have much opportunities for distribution, and helps creators to deepen interaction among them.
Every time a venue is used like a flea market and broken into separate genres of magazines. Participants can buy space from Akaboo (the size of one long desk or half of it), and sale their works there. For creators, this space serves not only as a place to display and sell their works but also as a place to deepen interaction between creators and coterie magazine fan.
COMIC CITY is held about twenty times in a year mainly at Tokyo Big sight, Intex Osaka and Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN DOME.

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►Average age of participants(creators)
28.7 (range from 18 to 35)

►Ratio of male to female
male 1% : female 99%

►annual number of visitors
520,000 (2012)
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