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 We have run "CREATORS' WORLD" as a member of Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee. 
 【Creators' Achievements】 
  2013年 3groups
  └ ADVANCED 15groups
2012年 8groups
  ├ SPECIAL 8groups
  └ ADVANCED 11groups
2011 8groups
  └ Cancelled by an earthquake
2010 9groups
  └ ADVANCED 15groups
2009 8groups
  └ ADVANCED 13groups
2008 8groups
  └ ADVANCED 12groups
2007 12groups
2006 13groups
2005 14groups
2004 13groups
2003 12groups


Tokyo International anime fair founded in 2002 with the Tokyo metropolitan government as its parent organization. It has been held in March of every year at Tokyo Big Sight. One characteristic of this anime fair is that a lot of companies run a booth and have a deal of licensing rights for Japanese anime productions and character goods with customers from foreign countries as well as Japanese customers. Participating corporations include anime production companies, TV companies, film companies, content distribution companies like a video selling company, manufacturing and selling companies like toy companies and writing material companies.
The event is organized by the executive committee composed by operators of an animation related organization like the Association of Japanese Animation. The chairman is Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo.