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We support creative young people.

  KEI corporation will produce creativity of various creators of various genres, and continue challenge towards the new era. Under the corporate philosophy "sensitivity of young people, creative planning ability, and gush of enthusiasm and power", we started Hobbyists' Magazine Exhibition called "COMIC CITY" in 1988.
Since then we have supported creative young people, and been developing with the growth of comic culture.
Main Exhibition
COMIC CITY used to be a small Doujinshi(coterie magazine)marketplace in the past...but now, it has been developed to "the event for comic fan" which serves as place for comic fan for encounter, interaction, transmission and interchange of information. Every year, over 600,000 comic fans regularly gather in COMIC CITY, which is held at a big international exhibition hall, TOKYO BIG SIGHT and INTEX OSAKA

Biannual Exhibition
As flesh attempt, we have hosted male-oriented coterie magazine exhibition called "COMIC TREASURE" in Osaka since 2003. This event also covers all fields. Key concepts of this event are "Beautiful girls, Videogames, and Moe(萌え)".

  Furthermore, we started the computer graphics exhibition called "CG CARNIVAL", featuring animation creators in 1999. This event serves leading CG film creators as a place to display their works, and transmits the real situation of original computer graphics scene in Japan.(1999・2000・2002)

  In addition to these events, we have hosted many programs to support young CG animation creators in Japan Media Arts Festival and Tokyo International Anime Fair. Also, we have operated various sports events, created various contents.

Basic Principles
We are proud that our business has created a positive economic impact on a wide range of industries, and contributed to society in some small way through planning and management of various events.